De Pondemaat


Fresh local foods and forgotten vegetable / fruits are more and more in demand. From 2008 t/m 2013 we have run a plot of farm land for 6 seasons on the outskirts of Ede and Bennekom. We called that land 'de Pondemaat', referring to a Friesian surface area of some 1/3 hectare (almost an are). It was a small scale activity where we sold flowers, vegetables, fruit, potatoes (and 'chats'). The work on that farm developed into having a core group of steady visitors that exchanged recipes, seeds and ideas. Customers also participated in harvesting, meetings about food and courses about food production and processing. In this way many of the people that came to 'de Pondemaat', both young and old, developed a new taste for food production and 'eating with the seasons'.

We thank especially the steady visitors for their pleasant company and interest. They gave us 6 good and creative years with new friendships, shared sorrows and fun making. We decided to close the land because we wanted to move to another place where we could develop the idea better (our house was a bit too far from this plot). We now have started the process of moving to another place, now as grandparents, not yet knowing where this road will lead is. But we look forward to during this summer inform you of our new place.

What remains are contacts with the individual customers and other 'gardeners / farmers' in the region. For example:

As we write this (spring 2017) we indeed are moving home, without yet clearly knowing where we will end up. At the end of this summer we hope to inform you about our new place, also via this site. If you want to know more please contact us a