Who we are

Hans & Rinske Schiere-Deen have for many years been active in and around Wageningen University, in advisory work, research , education and training. Much of that work was done abroad but a combination with the B&B at ‘La Ventana’ and exchange with students gave much opportunity to establish large networks with people, also from within the Netherlands. Rinske’s interests are especially in gardening and healthy food. Hans works mainly on design of sustainable food production and food chains, rural change and system thinking. Hans & Rinske are now (start of 2018) both 68years of age. They have three children of which two live near where we are living since this year (2018). We do hope that ‘de Pondemaat’ will offer space, opportunity, reflection and inspiration for people from within and outside the region with similar interests. Tourists and ‘passers by’ of this beautiful region are equally welcome.

Rinske & Hans