The region

We live in ‘de kop van Overijssel’ (the northwestern region of the Overtijssel province). Our ome is very easy to reach via de A32 highway, less than 2km from exit 7 (Steenwijk Noord / Giethoorn / Oldemarkt). It is an area with a very varied landscape and many farming systems, with very visible left overs of the glacier age, peat (Giethoorn), coastal pasture lands and recently reclaimed land (polders). Nature, agriculture and recreation come together with common as well as conflicting interests. Modern farming combines with older forms of farming and a rich history of roman leftovers, medieval trading cities, fishery towns and modern industry. The old fortress city Steenwijk was ‘gateway to the North of the country’. And we live on the edge of what used to be a colony where poor people from cities were settled right after Napoleontic times. The adjoining towns of Willemsoord and Frederiksoord have much to show about that interesting piece of history which is proposed for a place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.
The name of our town ‘Witte Paarden’ translates as ‘white horses’, pertaining to a tavern that used to be a place for travelers and traders on the age-old way from North to South. We intend to continue in that tradition with other places better suited for food and recreation almost next door ( Our motto is therefore: ‘gateway to a getaway’.

Young and elder making hay in the sun