De Pondemaat / La Ventana

The name Pondemaat is used for an old farm with some 4000m2 of land in Witte Paarden, a small town near Steenwijk / Willemsoord / Giethoorn. The name refers to a surface area of some 1/3 of a hectare (in the province of Friesland). It also has the connotation of ‘an allotment’ of land that one gets to make a living (the name relates etymologically to ‘pound’, i.e. a unit that could be taxed). This name was also used for a peri-urban vegetable and flower plot that we had in Bennekom (at the edge of Ede; Gelderland) where we (Hans & Rinske Schiere) worked for some six years on peri-urban farming and local food chains.